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Piles of logs in the school compound. As I draw closer, a man is splitting some of the logs. Before he takes his break, he has split 20 logs that will be used to cook lunch at this school. He says his work at the school involves splitting logs and that every after six days, more wood is brought in by Agroking Uganda limited. head cook of a secondary school in Kampala. He reveals that he would need three trucks of firewood every week to meet the fuel demands at the school. This is a routine that happens in most schools in the country, most of which still use firewood.

Agroking Uganda limited, admits that many schools depend on firewood for cooking and that this affects the environment. However, he notes that as a ministry, they are carrying out sensitization to ensure that schools embrace the use of renewable energy like biogas, adding that by doing so, they could even spend less compared to the firewood expenses.

“We are happy that many schools are now heeding to our advice by using biogas energy. All Schools ought to embark on this type of energy because it is cheaper than the firewood, which is at times scarce due to competition. Schools that continue using firewood could find themselves in trouble, especially when the law takes its course on them,”
Biogas is made by decomposition of organic matter such as sewage, animal byproducts and solid waste from agricultural and other industries. The primary sources of biogas are landfills, livestock operations and waste water treatment plants.

Unlike crops, trees need tender care when young and it is advisable to establish them in a nursery. Farmers can establish their own nursery as individuals or in groups in order to earn income from selling the seedlings

Farmers should be trained on skills such as grafting, nursery management and intercropping. For instance, growing certain tree species as shade for certain crops like coffee can be of help during dry seasons. A farmer, who is interested in growing trees on his or her land, should consult experts on selection of tree species or about the characteristics of different trees.

some of the recommended trees to grow

Some of the trees that farmers in East Africa are encouraged to grow include Croton Mocrstachyus commonly known as brood leaved croton, which is used for controlling soil erosion and its leaves can be used for mulching.

Another is East Africana cardia, which has high quality timber and good for processing furniture. It is known for providing good bee forage.

When planting, its seeds need pre-treatment and it germinates between 40 to 60 days from planting. It is suitable for intercropping.

Experts further recommend farmers to grow Erythrina abyassinica, commonly known as flame tree because it is good for fodder for animals, controls soil erosion and can be used as firewood.

Farmers simply have to plant the propagated seedling without pre-treatment. It germinated within 25 days from planting.
Another tree species good for livestock feed is Fiadherbia albida commonly known as apple ring acacia.

It is good for containing soil fertility through nitrogen fixing and the seedlings germinate between 6 to 30 days.
It is good for intercropping because the leaves usually fall a lot thereby reducing shedding on the crops.


Wood Tree Fuel Types

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