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Liquid soap is a product whose demand is quickly increasing in Uganda’s market. Since it is a consumable product, almost every household needs it on a daily basis in hand or machine washing.

This means if you invest in this project, you will be sure of making a tidy profit thanks to the steady market considering that people must always wash and clean something. Experts say in just a day, you can acquire skills of how to produce liquid laundry soap. If equipped with starting capital, in a day or two you can be in business at your backyard, garage or space room.

ready to use.

Incentives available
According to UIA, government supports industrialization in Uganda through; tax exemptions, land, basic infrastructure, grants, long-term loans and a liberalized market. “The manufacturers are allowed to recover their start-up cost to the tune of 25 per cent of their expenditure in the year of income for four years and initial allowance of 50 per cent,”

Raw materials
Raw materials are readily available in Uganda from chemical shops. the market for liquid soap is spread all over the country especially in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, hotels, hostels, retail shops and washing bays.

In many homes today, there are facilities like bathtubs and showers, which are common sources of accidents in our homes, “You may have heard of stories of children slipping after a bath and usually, these bathroom facilities are often the root cause,”
For parents with tiles in their bathrooms, to always ensure there is nothing lying around on the surface, especially soap, because of its slippery nature.
Secondly, always keep the bathroom dry, for instance, if there is any water that has spilled over from the bathtub onto the floor, mop it immediately.
Then, make use of non-slip bath mats and bathroom rugs to act as barriers against slips.
But most importantly, I urge parents to always supervise their children’s bathroom activities especially whenever they are taking a bath.
“Always be there by their side. Never leave them alone, unattended to. For example, if you are bathing a one-year-old in the bathtub, hold them or alternatively, place the toddler in a baby bath seat,” Failure to observe any of these practices can lead to accidents among children.

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