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You have searched for what business to do but still failed to find something suitable. To start a business that is not capital intensive and quick to master, is something you need and it is not out of reach.

How about trying to make bar soap? Yes, it sounds hard yet so easy if you put in that cup of commitment.
Ideally, bar soap is one of the most popular forms of soap in Uganda. It is a low-cost cleaning agent that you will find in most homes in Uganda.

It is made from salts of vegetables or animal fats.
Therefore, the fact that it is used by most people in Uganda, it is a fast moving consumer good that will fetch you some good money yet it is not capital intensive.
Just like candles, bar soap is easy to make and today we shall focus on how you can start producing bar soap from your backyard, garage or kitchen.
It is one of those items that are a must buy in every household thus demand is widely spread and not limited to a certain class of people.

starting a bar soap business requires low investment capital but has good returns.
However, he says, it would be appropriate that you first attain some skills before you start out.
A number of organizations such as Uganda Industrial Research Institute, have soap apprenticeships, which can help to kick start you.


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