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Coffee brewing or brewed coffee ideally is made by pouring hot water onto ground coffee beans, and then allow brewing. There are several methods for doing this, including using a filter, a percolator, and a French press.

Coffee smuggling to Kenya, and a little to Rwanda, was extensive during Amin’s time. It was a time when, during Daniel arap Moi’s time, Kenya was in its deepest crisis, and revenues from Uganda coffee smuggling became a big source of sustenance for a large section of the country’s business class and their political and security allies. All these ended with the economic liberalization that took off in 1988, and the State got out of buying cash crops, and dismantled cooperative and produce boards.

The critics say Museveni broke the old coffee cooperatives or cartels to me in order to smash their political power, and build his own over their graves. But here is the thing. By the start of 1988, there was not a single Ugandan coffee brand to speak of, with the likes of Elgonia and Kawa Kawomera popping up on and off. Today, Uganda probably has more coffee top end brands than any other East African country, though only a nascent café culture. And each of the last two social media call outs on favorite Ugandan coffees, produced ever-new brands.

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