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The start, “buy flower seeds of different varieties and started planting them into different flowerpots. When they started growing, placed the pots right in front of your porch,”
Some of the types of flowers include orchids, water lilies, cactus, roses, and calendulas, among others. On whether some of these flowers are beneficial in way, taking an example of the calendula, also called the pot marigold, whose tip can be extracted into oils that are helpful in treating skin injuries.
Although it may not be regarded as a flower, we grows lemon grass, which is used as a tea spice because of its aroma and is believed to provide relief to digestive disorders including stomachache.

Challenges, flower growing can be quite expensive as some of the flower seeds are costly.
Then, for flowers to flourish or blossom, they need attention and time.
“If you are the type of person who never has time for flowers, then, they will wither,” It is, therefore, important that one often squeezes time from their busy schedules to tend to flowers.

Rewards, “Since I have many flowers growing inside different pots, some even go ahead and request to take one or two. I never refuse,” Others have gone ahead to ask for some expert advice on flower growing and are now engaging in the same venture at their respective homes to harvest millions.

tips on flower growing, to start, get black loam soil and mix it together with manure. Leave it for about a week. After this time elapses, place the content inside respective flower pots before putting in the seedlings. Always endeavor to care for them. Flowers need sunlight, water and nutrients in order to grow. If you are not sure what to do, ask experts such as gardeners.
There is a lot of literature in books on flower growing. You could save and buy a copy to acquire as much knowledge as you can on flower growing. There is also the internet, which has a lot of information on flower growing. “growing ornamentals, different types of fruit trees, mangoes, avocados, passion fruits, grafted oranges, flowers (ixora white and yellow), herbs and natural trees such as mivule and agravalia.”

Why grafted plants, grafted plants such as mangoes because most people in Uganda tend to want short term growth plants for early gains. “We put different lemon and orange species together and get an orange in one year, I have reduced the period of a mango that would take 10 years to fruit to four,” the high demand of fruits and high quality mangoes such as Taka taka, Kent, Red Apple in particular, also drives them to adopt the grafting farming technique.

Insatiable market
it will take Uganda ages to serve the herb market demand in totality because they are now at 50 per cent.
“When you take the plant and it dies, the negligence is on your side because we deliver it when it is at the required standard,”

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