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Most people know the bee for its honey and cannot tell where to find a swarm or how to keep them. Like it is for building a house, finding a suitable place where to place the bee hive is crucial to the bee keeping business. Therefore, setting up an apiary requires a beekeeper to consider the features that will make their bees comfortable and productive in a selected place.

A good apiary should be away from any disturbances by humans or animals. A calm natural environment is perfect where the bees can build their colonies without being stressed. In addition, “There should be a water source not more than 500 meters away. Bees are built to carry nectar longer distances but lack of water in the surrounding is much more tasking on the colony and reduces its productivity. Just as humans drink water so do the bees.” Water sources can be natural like rivers, ponds and wetlands or artificial with simple things like filling tins with water and placing reeds or straws in them so the bees can drink without drowning.

Food availability is another important factor, “Apart from pests, the other leading cause of abscondment is little food. Bees will easily migrate to where there is forage. Studies show a bee can travel five to six kilometers in search of pollen, nectar and water but when there is no forage it does longer distances with little productivity as it will get tired.”

Thus, your apiary has to be set near nectar sources like flowering trees and shrubs, food crops and cash crops that need to be pollinated. It should be set on the land with good drainage and not a swamp or any water-logged area that would harbor pests.

Hives should be sheltered from strong winds and direct sun. Avoid the wind blowing off the top covers and swinging the hives, this makes them rowdy and hostile. This can be done by use of trees for shade and wind breaking. Building a shelter is recommended though Animals especially livestock should be kept away from the apiary. This is normally done by fencing, which can also secure bees from wildfire outbreaks.

Beekeeping has become popular in the past and continues among the most trending agribusinesses as it has become more profitable While honey is the obvious source of income for beekeepers, there could be other things connected to beekeeping from which you can earn some good money. Below are some of the many ways you can earn money if you start bee keeping.

Honey, this is the most obvious yield from beekeeping and it is a highly marketable product because it has gained popularity among many consumers. They often use it in the place of refined sugar which makes it a healthier option.
Beeswax, after harvesting the honey there are combs that remain without honey called beeswax.
It is used primarily as a building block for the bees’ honeycomb cells in which the young ones are raised and honey and pollen stored. The wax can be converted into many different products including candles, soap, and lip balm. Beeswax prices can vary widely depending on its quality and colour. The wax can be used as wax sheets for hive baits, bees wax blocks for sale and making candles, floor polish and skin care products.

Propolis, Propolis or bee glue is a sticky mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows and other botanical sources. The propolis is said to have a variety of medical uses including treatment of sores, bone diseases, acting as an antioxidant used in the prevention of cancer, and boosting immunity. the propolis can be used to treat warts and may help in the treatment of food poisoning. Because of the many advantages, propolis alone ensures a farmer earns more cash than honey.

Why propolis is profitable “Because of its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, propolis has an outstanding value for a wide variety of illnesses. It is also used as ointments for healing cuts and wounds, this is where the money is.


Bee pollen
Bee pollen granules are a “super food” that can boost immunity and provide other health-related benefits such as minimizing seasonal allergies, treating osteoporosis, and acting as an antioxidant.
Bee pollen is growing in popularity at natural food stores, health stores, and some drugstores.  one can get royal jelly which is the queen bee’s extraordinary source of food.


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