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Pineapples. Quality suckers determines a lot in the whole process of farming and there is need to diversify or change from the local breed to the high breed.

Big harvest
“During the harvesting season, on average you can sell at least 40 pineapples a day which brings in Shs120,000. The suckers supplement your daily income as they are booked earlier by prospective farmers,” To pay the laborer’s that weed, prune and harvest,

Pests and diseases that attack the fruits give a hard time although you may handle that by constantly spraying the gardens. introduce drip irrigation for the farm with a water source to solve the problem of unreliable rainfall patterns which does not favor production.

Growing pineapples at home
Pineapples are wonderful fruits. Not only because they are delicious, but they are also very easy to grow. All you really need to start growing your own pineapple farm is a pineapple sucker and land.
Obtain a pineapple
Go to wherever you like buying fruit from, whether it is a supermarket, farmers market, or from a retailer selling fruit on the side of the road. Buy a nice-looking pineapple. Make sure it is ripe.
Cut and eat
Take your pineapple home with you. Rinse the fruit off, then place it on it side on a cutting board. Take a knife and cut off the leafy top part of the pineapple, along with an inch or two of the pineapple’s meat. Set this aside while you proceed to eat the rest of the pineapple.
Your leftover pineapple top from the previous step is all you need to grow a pineapple. When you pick out a spot (or pot) for your pineapple, make sure it has room. The plants grow to about five feet across and get spinky leaves, so take that into consideration when deciding where you plant your pineapple.
Once you have decided where to plant your pineapple, dig a hole in the dirt. The hole only needs to be deep enough to cover the fruit still attached to the pineapple’s leaves.
Place the pineapple in the hole, and cover with dirt, leaving the pineapple leaves exposed above ground. If you are planting in a pot rather than the ground, the same applies with the only difference being that your dirt is contained within the pot walls.

Value addition
add value to the organic pineapple grown by farmers from Luweero to make dried snacks which they export to Japan. “When we agreed to work together, I sent the first sample to Far East Incorporated Company, a trading company in Japan, and then a second sample. They liked the Ugandan pineapple and requested us to send more,”

According to the Manager of Agroking Uganda limited transport costs are cutting their profit margins however to Luxemburg, Qatar, Omar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) the cots are beyond.

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