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Every tomato famer grows tomatoes and other vegetables such as cabbage, green pepper, onions and watermelons you don’t need to wait for the rainy season to grow tomatoes and other crops simply buy the treadle irrigation pump to do that work for you.

“What you do is to make sure that I have a reliable source of immobile water, connect the suction pipe to the treadle machine and pump using your feet and the water is delivered to the crops at about 30 meters through the delivery pipe,”

“In about 30 minutes, you can irrigate an acre of tomato garden. The delivery pipe is long and can cover and reach a wider size of the garden,”  

irrigation tool has helped farmers harvest handsomely even in dry spells. “While other farmers were counting losses two seasons due to drought, some are very lucky in that their gardens were not affected by the dry spell. The farmer attributes this success to the irrigation equipment. John is a mixed farmer engaged in sorghum, rice and cassava growing.

Compared to the kind of irrigation where crops are irrigated through water pipes that are channeled beneath crop columns or rows, the treadle pumps minimize farm costs in terms of hiring labor and that it also comes with low maintenance costs. It mainly serves farmers best during the dry season.


“It is a manual pump that is recommended for farmers starting agriculture on small scale. It neither uses fuel nor power. You only have to use your legs to peddle to harvest water from an already established source and connect a water sprinkler to be able to irrigate,” says the treadle pump that all farmers should embrace because it is maintenance free. “It is a long-lasting machine that you will not spend on repairs such as oil and air and fuel filters to have it work well. It gives you full value for your money,” 


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