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Farming tips

Farming tips:

Agroking Uganda limited is committed to enhancing the productivity of farmers. This is primarily achieved through the provision of vilified quality certified products of the best crop varieties suited to each Agro-ecological environment in Uganda.

However, the right crop variety and certified seed are only two parts of the farmer's to be productive and profitable.


Good Agronomic Practices (GAPs) plays a crucial role in achieving high and economically sustainable yields.

A productive farmer has to combine variety choice, the environment with GAPs to be successful. This manual provides some basic information that will help farmers produce maize, soya bean, groundnuts, sorghum, cow pea and wheat efficiently, profitably and sustain-ably.

Timely land preparation at least 30 days before the onset of rainfall


Plough the land well to achieve a fine seed bed.

Use well-rotted manure whenever available to provide nutrients to the soil.

Use the correct fertilizer types and rates depending on the soil type e.g. avoid DAP in red soil to reduce on acidity.

Plant timely preferably before the onset of rainfall for direct planted crops.

Strategy Sow in the nursery at least 4 weeks before transplant.

Prepare the nursery near a water source.

Use only the varieties recommended in your region.

Manage weeds, pests and diseases to avoid losses.

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