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Message from chairperson

Message from the chairperson

With pleasure since our humble set off in 2019, I prioritize and stand bold to inform you that our partners, traders and clients are of great value and the relationship spans over time with Agroking Uganda limited where quality leads.

In this age of internet, one can always check the authenticity of the company through various portals. With our core values and direct dealing with the customer to bridge the gap down for easy communication flow with first-hand information as well as establishing long term relationship with our clients as helped us to diversify and grow visionary.

Agroking Uganda limited is racing performance therefore we serve you with the following; warm and friendly, humble and polite, respectful and fairness, accessible and flexible, professional and honest, holding dignity and esteem to our customers.

The company continues to grow and consolidates its market leadership in the agricultural sector of Uganda and through experience i have entrenched the company’s values in the way that i interact with both staff, stakeholders and customers with integrity, provide leadership, inspire innovation, cultivate relationships and am a strong believer in the company values.

We continue to be a developmental partner with the government of Uganda to sustain agricultural development programs in the country and we have invested significantly in agricultural development that has provided a robust foundation for growth and sustainable development. Having said all that, our focus in the next couple of years will continue to growing our value-added services to meet the ever-changing demands of our esteemed customers.

In the interests of safety for our customers, as part of our ongoing efforts by our team to give customers access to all products they need, you may see some more changes in our online shop store.

Our customers are entitled to exclusive shopping hours throughout the week in order to keep their business running and allow them to get the products they need otherwise We thank you in advance for your patience as we tirelessly work hard to import your goods of your choice especially those that are not readily available in Uganda.

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