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Caution 1.

You are highly advised that the company does not deal in the supply of pigs, piglets, pork, alcohol spirits and waragi.

Caution 2.

Please note that late bid submission after the due time on and after the deadline will automatically be disqualified or rejected.

Caution 3.

Please not for any payment made present a proof of payment and a cash acknowledgement receipt will be issued to you. Thanks in advance management.

Caution 4.

You are kindly informed that fire arms, masks, sharp instruments, smoking, photography, videography and ensure that your phone is in the salient or vibration mode while inside the company office interiors and the payment venue (bank) promises will not be allowed however, risks associated with any of the above mentioned won’t be hereof Agroking Uganda limited but rather it will be subjected directly to you as an individual.

Caution 5.

In order for you not to pay the 10 shillings of buying agent services you need to offer us either a brokerage service of about 120 Fuso Lorries with a minimum capacity of 11 tons or an equivalent minimum of 1500 tons of cereals grains as our system will be in position to track all the records.

Caution 6.

the Item name is important as it can be used to search for an item and the item code is beyond and too important since it is used to search for a particular item in question for the first and next time given that you have the code with you however you are tasked to name it and we present it.

Caution 7.

A final destination with in the first 10kms from Kampala are exempted from delivery charges/fees and beyond the 10 kms thereafter will attract a standardized fee/charge per km as we advance electronic system than the manual system.

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Please make sure that, your allow_url_fopen or cURL is enabled. Also, make sure your API key and location is correct. You can get more details about this API here: https://www.weatherbit.io/api/weather-current

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