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Agroking Uganda Limited

Dealer in agricultural systems supplies and general merchandise.

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Product Categories

We deal in a wide range of products, summarized under our 10 broad categories; Agricultural Inputs, Aquaculture, Building Materials, Grain Storage Facilities, Groceries, Machinery, Livestock and Feeds, Perishable Foodstuffs, Cereals and Veterinary Inputs

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Welcome to Agroking

Registration code. 80020002098559
Welcome to Agroking (U) Ltd. Quality leads.
Agriculture is a back born of the country with over 70% of the population engaged in agro sector. Our trend of thought is to strengthen and promote the agricultural sector of Uganda through ensuring timely delivery of supplies throughout the country and across the region of east Africa.



To provide quality goods and services to our esteemed clients both locally and regional wide (EAC).

Our mandate

To stimulate agricultural related businesses to harness their potential by increasing production, value addition, market leakage, commercialization and innovation for exclusive growth and sustainable development through modernization and mechanization.

Core values

Customer satisfaction

Quality Control Procedures

Through hiring competent personnel.
Define better process.
Prioritize repeatability.
Leverage the power of automation.
Quality over everything.

Client Value Proposition (C.V.P)

We recognize and promise our clients that’s they are entitled to the highest excellent quality products and services everywhere in the country at all times at the best lowest possible prices.

Culture statement

We are focused on customer satisfaction, quality deliverance and responsive organization that attracts and conserve nature to deliver an excellent customer experience in a conducive environment that will enable them to realize their full potential.


To supply quality goods and services.
To supply local and regional markets efficiently.
To ensure achievement of value for money and simplicity.
To establish long term relationship with our esteemed clients.
To enhance the procurement policy more efficiently.
To effectively build trust with our esteemed clients.

Financial Objectives

Financial sustainability in time.
Prioritize financial planning.
Increasing return on investment.
Profit margins and bottle line earnings.
Sales revenue maximization.
Value maximization.

Quality Control Strategic

Continuous improvement.
Employee monitoring.
Mistake-proofing. Mistake-proofing elements of manufacturing, we not only ensure high volume output but we also virtually guarantee our product at a standard rate.
Customer feedback, it never hurts to listen to what our clients have to say.


  • Crop Life
  • Grain Council
  • National Chamber of Commerce
  • PDA
  • USTA

Accepted Payments

Cheque is 100% preferred | EFTs- Electronic Funds Transfer services | RTGs- Real Time Gross Settlement | TTs- Telegraphic Transfer services | EAPs- East African Payment services | Cash- to Agroking Uganda limited | MTN MoMo payments.

Success Story
Agroking Uganda limited bought land where it will set up a storage facility plant or a distribution product center in nakyerongosa parish kakiri sub county, mpegwe village, kakiri town, busiro county on block 153, plot 1064, and 1065 wakiso district along Kampala- hoima road distance approximately 30 kms from Kampala and branch off to the left for another 1.1 kms to the site headquarters on your right hand side of the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the major activity of your company?
Our major activity is Post-harvest handling
Do you have branches within Uganda or outside Uganda?
Do you participate in agricultural training, exhibitions and other trade fairs?
Do you offer free delivery services?
How can I get more information?
How can I be sure to get quality products after making an advance payment?
Do you have a farm where you do your trials?
How do you test your products?
How can one know that your products are certified?
Where do you get your products from?
Why would you advise me to buy from you?
Do you have a price list for your products?
What are the various brands do you supply?
How can I purchase from your company?
What are your payment terms?
What are the methods of payment?
How do you deliver your products to your customers?


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